Episode #33: Marvel Movies

banner marvelThe multi-billion dollar behemoth that changed how studios make movies.

Dan and special guest Missy dig into the phenom that is Marvel superheroes on the big screen and the surprisingly unified vision across their universe.


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The Avengers
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One response to “Episode #33: Marvel Movies

  1. Justin

    Nice episode, you two!

    Thoughts about the Hulk: I feel like the Hulk represents the dark side of the military industrial complex (as opposed to its capacity for good in Captain America) and scientific research (as opposed to Iron Man). He represents how ultimate strength and invulnerability come at a cost, and also that no matter how intelligent you might be there are just some things you can’t beat with your intellect. I personally love the Hulk in The Avengers (Ruffalo was great), and I don’t know whether they’ll be able to pull off a dedicated movie for him, but I think they’re better poised to do so than ever before. It’ll need a good script without the other characters to bounce off of, but what movie doesn’t need a good script?