Episode #73: Paul Thomas Anderson, Part 2

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Dan and Thomas IN THE SAME ROOM!

Thanks to the generosity of so many of you, we got Dan to LA just in time for part 2 of look at writer/director PTA. Get ready for some boozy bro-time, more thoughts about Mad Max, and some pretty good Michelle impressions.


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Episode #28: Wes Anderson

banner_wes andersonHow is The Grand Budapest Hotel? It might be the most Wes-Anderson-y of all Wes Anderson films. Some of us think that’s awesome – some of think that’s annoying – but all of us think it’s worth talking about.

Hang with us for a while as we sift through the maddening, peculiar genius of cinema’s most distinctive, contemporary auteur.

[audio: http://www.moviemakerspodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/MM_28_WesAnderson.mp3]

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