Episode #82: The Force Awakens

episode vii

The podcast awakens! Now that we’ve all seen the new Star Wars, let’s talk about it. Is there any way to separate the new from our nostalgia for the old? Did the modern influence to zoom through story sacrifice emotional resonance? Is Beyoncé allowed to be black?



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Episode #52 – Rian Johnson

rian johnson bannerThe joyous, classically-infused cinema of director Rian Johnson, a director that we are expecting big things from. Come explore his nascent filmography with us.


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Franchise Sophie’s Choice

Spinning out of our last episode, here’s the hypothetical we threw out:

September-20123You get one more movie in any genre franchise series . . .

AND – it’s guaranteed to be the best in the series, to deliver the same or better joy you experienced previously

BUT – all the other genre franchises
have to stop and go away

What do you choose?

Meaning, that if you choose to get a 9th Harry Potter movie, it will be the best ever, but you will never see another Star Wars or Jurassic Park or Superman or Aliens movie, etc.

What say you?

Episode #6 – J.J. Abrams

abrams bannerIn this episode, we explore the modern maestro of high-octane entertainment, producer/director/writer J.J. Abrams – the mind behind some of the most popular film and TV of the last decade.

Join us as we voyage from Felicity to Star Trek, try not to compare him to Spielberg too much, and pre-apologize for how the internet is going to react to Star Wars: Episode VII.


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