Who We Are

Moviemakers Podcast is just Thomas Brandon, Dan Cava, and Michelle Wheeler riffing about the films and storytellers on their minds.  The podcast is pretty much exactly how one of their three-way text conversations would go . . . only with a little less cursing.


Dan Cava

nonameDan Cava is right about the movie Munich. He is a director, editor, film critic, and college professor in Charlotte, NC. He can often be seen lovingly gazing upon his family and/or Blu-ray collection. His work for his independent company Proverbial Productions can be seen on Vimeo.

He looks up to Humphrey Bogart and down on anyone who hasn’t seen all of The Wire.


Thomas Brandon

three hosts meThomas is a writer/director living in the hive of scum and villainy that is Burbank, CA. You can see some of his work on YouTube and Vimeo. He runs an independent production company named Mariner Pictures.

He thinks style as a goal is overrated and that Man of Steel wasn’t that bad, people.




Michelle Wheeler

IMG_2606Michelle Wheeler is a video and film producer based in the Charlotte, NC, area. Her work includes music videos for artists such as J.Cole, Needtobreathe and Noah Gundersen, the Moments short-film series for cable network INSP, and the feature film Jesus People (2014).

Michelle is a self-proclaimed pop culture enthusiast and media literacy advocate. And in the One Direction divorce, she chose Zayn.



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