Hiatus and Whatnot

As is probably painfully obvious at this point, we’ve hit a indefinite slowdown in episodes as of late. Life (and careers!) have gotten busier, and as of now, the podcast needs to be on the proverbial back burner.

In the meantime, keep watching visual storytelling on all kinds of screens (but especially in the movie theaters). And talk about it with your friends. And maybe think about us every once in a while. Because we will certainly be thinking about those open-ended, unresolved conversations that we really have to get back to one day.

Best of 90’s List

You can’t do a top 20 without making a visual companion, right?

** Note that yet again, Dan cheats by making “combo” picks **

Best of 90s



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Episode #25 – Best Picture Oscars

bannerWe get curious about the history of the Best Picture Oscar – what does it actually mean for movies and history? Where do we object to the winners, where do we concur, and who is actually deciding these things?

Get ready for voting geekery, a little light sparring, and a new contest where you can win a Blu-ray of 12 Years a Slave


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Episode #7 – Best of the Aughts, Part 1

best of aughts banner full 20-11

What were the best 20 movies of the last decade? We decide to make lists and duke it out.

Part I of our journey covers #20 – #11. Join us as we list our favorites, disagree on how to count The Lord of the Rings, and remember when M. Night Shyamalan was a genius.


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Episode #4 – Ridley Scott


Tackling another filmmaking hero, we try to wrap our heads around the groundbreaking, wildly diverse career of director Ridley Scott.

A little sci-fi, a little sword & sandal, and a whole lot of talk about why Prometheus is better than you think.


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Dan’s Pick Thomas’s Pick

Spielberg’s Films Ranked

As promised in the podcast, here’s our list ranking Spielberg’s films. (Note: this list may contain a slight over-rating of Munich by Dan)

Spielberg Ranking