Episode #14 – Hans Zimmer

zimmer wallpaperFor our first-ever episode about a composer, we dive into a living legend, Hans Zimmer – the official supplier of movie superhero/action/atmospheric music since 2000.

We listen to some clips, talk about Hans’ long-reaching impact, and discover why he might be the most over-the-top minimalist out there.

BONUS: Dan kind of apologizes for bashing “White Christmas”


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2 responses to “Episode #14 – Hans Zimmer

  1. Bethany

    This is one of my favorite episodes thus far! I have several soundtracks composed by Hans Zimmer and I really enjoyed hearing you guys talk about him. Also, playing pieces of his music during the podcast definitely helped to bring color to the episode. It was nice to “hear” what you were discussing. Thanks Dan and Tom for making an hour at my desk a lot more interesting!

    • thomas

      Thanks, Bethany! Glad we could help. Anything that makes desk time pass more quickly is a win.