Episode #5 – Danny Boyle

boyle banner 3Sticking with English flimmakers for a second week, we dig into the kinetic, live-wire cinema of director Danny Boyle.

Join us for a little discussion about fast zombies, realism vs. expressionism, and how Thomas may or may not have fainted during the arm-cutting scene in 127 Hours.


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Episode #4 – Ridley Scott


Tackling another filmmaking hero, we try to wrap our heads around the groundbreaking, wildly diverse career of director Ridley Scott.

A little sci-fi, a little sword & sandal, and a whole lot of talk about why Prometheus is better than you think.


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Episode #3 – Summer Recap

bannerWe take a look back at the summer in cinema and discuss what worked (and what didn’t). Listen to hear us fight about Man of Steel, bag on hard-core Trekkies, and get sucked into Spielberg-talk. Again.

Good times, all around.


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Episode #1 – Steven Spielberg


Instead of going home, we decide to go big. For our first episode, we tackle a giant of cinema – director/producer Steven Spielberg.

A heady discussion of his best, his worst, and the absolute Spielberg-ian-ness of his work. Bring tissues and/or cynicism.


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