Episode #77: Dan at the Movies

at the movies_BridgeWhat has Dan been watching at the movies? He’ll tell you.

Covering “Bridge of Spies”, “Steve Jobs”, and “Sicario”, Dan settles in for a cozy chat about what he recommends watching and why Fall is Summer for grown-ups.


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Episode #67 – Best of the 80’s, Part 2

banner 80s wordsWe finally crack the top ten on our lists and hone in on the best of the best of the 80’s.

Join us as Michelle finds her John Hughes spirit animal, Dan over-cusses, and Thomas botches the intro. Longest episode ever!


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Spielberg’s Films Ranked

As promised in the podcast, here’s our list ranking Spielberg’s films. (Note: this list may contain a slight over-rating of Munich by Dan)

Spielberg Ranking


Episode #1 – Steven Spielberg


Instead of going home, we decide to go big. For our first episode, we tackle a giant of cinema – director/producer Steven Spielberg.

A heady discussion of his best, his worst, and the absolute Spielberg-ian-ness of his work. Bring tissues and/or cynicism.


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