Episode #86: Zack Snyder

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With Batman vs. Superman still in theaters for a few more hours, we take a look at director Zack Snyder and his over-the-top, luscious, ludicrous filmography.


**BONUS LISTEN** Michelle takes us in-depth with some Beyoncé/LEMONADE talk.


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Episode #40: Caleb Mini-Sode

minisode_calebOur first-ever Calebsode with 100% more Caleb.

Sit down for a heart-to-heart, wherein we get a review of “Edge of Tomorrow”, a follow-up on “Man of Steel”, and a couple of viewing (and listening!) recommendations.


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Heavy Bells
J. Roddy Watson & the Business
Propaganda feat. Lecrea

Episode #14 – Hans Zimmer

zimmer wallpaperFor our first-ever episode about a composer, we dive into a living legend, Hans Zimmer – the official supplier of movie superhero/action/atmospheric music since 2000.

We listen to some clips, talk about Hans’ long-reaching impact, and discover why he might be the most over-the-top minimalist out there.

BONUS: Dan kind of apologizes for bashing “White Christmas”


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